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Feel free to check out and explore audio designer and composer Axel Haig’s site! Here you can find out more about him or do you want to check out some of the available samples of his work? The audio samples can be found at the “Demo”-section and info about Axel can be found at the “Info”-section. Or do you need to contact Axel for biz or otherwise? Then the “Contact”-section is definitely for you, regardless dear visitor, welcome!

Audiodesigner & Composer...
Axel Haig belongs to a new generation of audiodesigners. With a background as an artist and with a degree in computer games design, he has taken the concept of video game audiodesign one step further. Axel Haig is now creating works which not only shows great craftsmanship but also has a clear-cut artistic aspect. Axel Haig was born in Lund, Sweden, in 1971. Early in his life he developed an interest for art, music and gaming. During his university years at the University of Lund he studied drama and film theory and graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Over the following years he was employed as a lecturer..." - Continue to the "Info"-section.